There are currently 36 images available in three sizes for online purchase.
Click on the images to enlarge and select images (add to cart) and choose size, mount and framing options. To pay,  click on cart to enter a standard e-commerce system enabling payment by Paypal or debit/credit card. Buyers can also easily pay by cheque or bank transfer. Just email me your order via the Contact page, including your contact details. You can also use the contact page to ask any other questions regarding purchasing prints.
Each A4 (21 x 29.7 cm) giclée print is from a limited edition of 50.
Each A3+ (33 x 48.3 cm) giclée is from a limited edition of 25.
Each 18 x 24 inch (45.7 x 61 cm) C-type print is from a limited edition of 12.
Each 30 x 40 inch (50.8 x 61 cm) C-type print is from a limited edition of 8.
dahlias5autumnplants1_.jpgmixedtulips6mixedspringplants1.jpgTulipa2mixedplants6final.jpgdahlias3Narcissi 1Mixed Plants 7Allotment Plants 1crocosmia1Allotment plants 2mixedtulips2Lathyrus 3Mixed Plants 5Hellebores 8dahlias1Galanthus 2Smyrnium 2Mixedtulips4.jpgIris 4Hyacinthus 1Lathyrus 2Mixed Plants 1Mixed Plants 3Leucospermum 4Aster 3Allium 3Aster 2Narcissi 5Astrantia 1Cirsium 6Lathyrus 4Cirsium 2Convollaria 2Helleborus 2