I can remember, at an early age, being fascinated by photography’s ability to describe with such amazing detail. To this day, I have always loved working with technical instruments of the highest precision whilst creating something artistic. So many iconic images in recent history have come from this use of technology. The Hubble telescope’s images of distant nebulae, exquisitely detailed photomicrographic pictures of pollen grains or marine microorganisms and, of course, plant studies by Karl Blossfeldt and Imogen Cunningham. But it’s the final product that I love most of all. The photographic print. Today, more than ever I strongly believe that, in spite of a constant torrent of lo-res, low quality imagery, a photographic print made with the best possible production processes can be a truly stunning thing to see, framed, on a wall.

Interview with RiseArt online gallery: http://www.riseart.com/article/2013-11-25-spotlight-on-our-artist-kevin-dutton


I was born in Southampton, UK, in 1965. I live in East Dulwich, London.

I was introduced to photography at an early age by my father who was a keen amateur photographer. My first pictures were taken on a box Brownie camera and we processed and printed them at home in a blacked-out kitchen pantry. My family lived in the USA for a year in 1974 where I used a Kodak Instamatic on our east-west-east road trip that summer. Later I studied Drama at Bretton Hall College, Yorkshire  but spent as much time taking photos and making super8 films and printing in the college darkrooms. I moved to London after graduation and worked as an assistant to various photographers in the fashion & advertising industry. The last of these, Andrew Moran, encouraged me to pursue a series of studio portraits of comedians which became the exhibition ‘Serious Comedy’ in 1992. From this, commissions came from magazines and newspapers to take pictures of artists, musicians, actors & politicians. In recent years my work has broadened and my lifelong passion for plants and gardens has provided a new direction in both the field and studio. I continue to work in the UK and abroad for a variety of editorial, design and business clients. I’ve worked for, amongst many others, The RHS, Observer, Independent on Sunday, Sunday Times, BBC, Channel 4, HarperCollins, Loewy, Saatchi & Saatchi and Deutsche Bank. I’m also a regular contributor to Getty Images.